Нигерийский или индийский?

Прошу уважаемых экспертов по сортам скама подсказать, из какой страны растут ноги того, что я получил сегодня. Судя по тому, как составлено это гениальное послание неизвестных королей шантажа, страна явно какая-то не сильно продвинутая. Я не расист и не (упаси боже) нацист, но согласитесь, что представители определенных стран заебывают подобной херней как-то особенно часто.

Данное письмо отправлено с IP адреса, т.е. из славного города-героя Токио. Но только я думаю, что это спаммерский проксик, потому что японцы хоть и знатные извращенцы (достаточно их ТВ шоу посмотреть), но не настолько же тупые…

Итак, вот что мы имеем. Привожу письмо целиком с сохранением непревзойденной авторской лексики и пунктуации. Дабы не заставлять никого прокручивать сию простыню до конца, резюмирую суть этого своего поста прямо здесь (понимаю, что оно и укуренному ежу понятно, но на всякий случай): ни в коем случае не ведитесь на подобные письма.

И-так, вот оно – сладенькое:


Unfortunately, I have some unpleasant news for you.
Roughly several months ago I have managed to get a complete access to all devices that you use to browse internet.
Afterwards, I have proceeded with monitoring all internet activities of yours.

You can check out the sequence of events summarize below:
Previously I have bought from hackers a special access to various email accounts (currently, it is rather a straightforward thing that can be done online).
Clearly, I could effortlessly log in to your email account as well.

One week after that, I proceeded with installing a Trojan virus in Operating Systems of all your devices, which are used by you to login to your email.
Actually, that was rather a simple thing to do (because you have opened a few links from your inbox emails previously).
Genius is in simplicity.

Thanks to that software I can get access to all controllers inside your devices (such as your video camera, microphone, keyboard etc.).
I could easily download all your data, photos, web browsing history and other information to my servers.
I can access all your social networks accounts, messengers, emails, including chat history as well as contacts list.
This virus of mine unceasingly keeps refreshing its signatures (since it is controlled by a driver), and as result stays unnoticed by antivirus software.

Hereby, I believe by this time it is already clear for you why I was never detected until I sent this letter…

While compiling all the information related to you, I have also found out that you are a true fan and frequent visitor of adult websites.
You truly enjoy browsing through porn websites, while watching arousing videos and experiencing an unimaginable satisfaction.
To be honest, I could not resist but to record some of your kinky solo sessions and compiled them in several videos, which demonstrate you masturbating and cumming in the end.

If you still don’t trust me, all it takes me is several mouse clicks to distribute all those videos with your colleagues, friends and even relatives.
In addition, I can upload them online for entire public to access.
I truly believe, you absolutely don’t want such things to occur, bearing in mind the kinky stuff exposed in those videos that you usually watch, (you definitely understand what I am trying to say) it will result in a complete disaster for you.

We can still resolve it in the following manner:
You perform a transfer of  $ 1400 USD to me (a bitcoin equivalent based on the exchange rate during the funds transfer), so after I receive the transfer, I will straight away remove all those lecherous videos without hesitation.
Then we can pretend like it has never happened before. In addition, I assure that all the harmful software will be deactivated and removed from all devices of yours. Don’t worry, I am a man of my word.

It is really a good deal with a considerably low the price, bearing in mind that I was monitoring your profile as well as traffic over an extended period.
If you still unaware about the purchase and transfer process of bitcoins – all you can do is find the necessary information online.

My bitcoin wallet is as follows: 3CabfhHAtqo1QKxG9EpfAe44wbZqBzYeRv

You are left with 48 hours and the countdown starts right after you open this email (2 days to be specific).

Don’t forget to keep in mind and abstain from doing the following:

Do not attempt to reply my email (this email was generated in your inbox together with the return address).
Do not attempt to call police as well as other security services. Moreover, don’t even think of sharing it with your friends. If I get to know about it (based on my skills, that would be very easy, since that I have all your systems under my control and constant monitoring) – your dirty video will become public without delay.
Don’t attempt searching for me – it is completely useless. Cryptocurrency transactions always remain anonymous.
Don’t attempt reinstalling the OS of your devices or even getting rid of them. It is meaningless too, because all your private videos are already been available on remote servers.

Things you should be concerned about:

That I will not receive the funds transfer you make.

Relax, I will be able to track it immediately, after you complete the funds transfer, because I unceasingly monitor all activities that you do (trojan virus of mine can control remotely all processes, same as TeamViewer).

That I will still distribute your videos after you have sent the money to me.

Believe me, it is pointless for me to proceed with troubling you after that. Besides that, if that really was my intention, it would happen long time ago!

It all will be settled on fair conditions and terms!

One last advice from me… Moving forward make sure you don’t get involved in such type of incidents again!

Особенно порадовало вот это предложение: “This virus of mine unceasingly keeps refreshing its signatures (since it is controlled by a driver), and as result stays unnoticed by antivirus software.”

Вот почему бы не загуглить – что такое сигнатура файла определенного типа, и почему она вообще так называется? Пиши, что сам код вируса постоянно обновляется, типа полиморф он. Чтобы поменять отпечатки нужно тупо отрезать имеющиеся пальцы и пришить на их место новые.

Резюме для вас такое: никогда не ведитесь на подобные письма. Не будьте лохами.

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